Artra Condo – Ultra Good Value

Perks of Living at The Artra

We used to head out to Tiong Bahru from our residential home in Bukit Batok to simply appreciate the wonderful delicacies its coffee shops and hawker locations had to give. I still visit the Tiong Bahru market for the occasional bowl of superb Lor Mee. Redhill market is probably the best benefit to those residing at The Artra, with its famed Minced Meat Noodles enticing lunchtime crowds day in and day out. It goes without mention – Ikea Alexandria’s economical but fantastic meatballs, salmon, last but not least patio furniture. I am able to currently conceive enjoying a soft serve ice cream in the direction of my new The Artra residential home after work day by day. Let’s not leave behind the exquisite food options found around the common homes blocks of Queensway. From your trusty old Hokkien Mee to Steamed Drunken Prawns, dwellers of The Artra will be able to move into their local food havens on a daily basis should they choose. Parking around all of these zones are sufficient also. You could find plenty of without cost car parking spots around the HDB flats, moments outside the the eating venue of your liking. Don’t worry – there are no ERPs here.

Other Motivations to stay at the Artra


Provided food stuff seriously is not what motivates you, then quite possibly shopping would be the key to test. Moving forward just a little further can be found Tiong Bahru shopping center. It solely requires a one-stop trip to connect to the gorgeous nearby mall. The mall going through major renovations for several years now, and yet you will notice the well developed characteristics of this revitalisation procedure. At present the shopping center manager Land Lease is publicising Tiong Bahru Shopping Center’s new flagship suppliers from the likes of Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Cold Storage and many others. This is obviously testament to the satisfaction of quality had from the freshly refurbished local mall.

The Artra Interior

Adjacent to The Artra lies Anchorpoint retail complex, which contains attractive and perhaps practical outlet vendors from the likes of G2000 and Giordano. Working grown ups can no longer require to fuss with traveling to town to spend money on work-clothes on weekends. The freedom to accomplish this is just 5-minutes beyond your main front doorstep! What is more, in the event you might be the sporty sort, Queensway Shopping Centre can be found next to The Artra too. Queensway Shopping Centre is known to be Singapore’s favourite area for quality athletic attire sold by resellers. They generally are willing to sell at cheaper value than brand-owned established flagship suppliers thus that is definitely wonderful .

In the event that you are a resident, or even just still on the search for a completely new residence for your family, I really hope that you pay attention to my recommendation and thus purchase The Artra. It really is each Singaporean’s optimum place for groceries and accessibility. The Artra would probably be the residence chosen for my family members and I.