Clement Canopy Facilities

Clement Canopy

We reviewed in detail the amazing facilities by Clement Canopy and you will not be disappointed but only very happy. With a 50m lap pool, you can swim morning to night and never get bored and you can train to be like a Clementi- Version of Joseph Schooling, did you know he likes to swim in condo pools?. By playing tennis everyday in the multiple tennis courts clement canopy has it will be like living in a country club.

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The top 5 best condominium facilities for Clement Canopy are

Barbecue pit

You can barbecue many types of meats for your friends when you invite them to this UOL condo to stay. By finding charcoal you will have a hot day in the sunny sun barbecuing at this condominium.

Swimming pool

Other than the 50m pool, you can wade everyday in the wading pool with your kids and make sure they are healthy and fighting fit for their stressful Anglo Chinese School or NUS high school.

Club house

Like all homes in Singapore there will be a nice clubhouse for you to party with your friends and you bask in the Condo development and all its beauty

Childcare Center

If you are all about education you will be pleased to know there are many child care facilities in the area.

Walkability trail

Walking around Clementi you will fall absolutely in love with this place and have no qualms walking to Clementi Mall or Clementi Police station. You could even go down the jogging path towards ulu pandan or ride your bike within the Clementi trails around Clement Canopy. Finding time to exercise in this Clementi Condo DevelopmentĀ is key for becoming a great resident in your home.